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Tailored process flows for your organization’s needs

A custom-made process flow enabling you to plan and manage your projects and resources effectively in compliance with your organization’s structure and authorization chain.

  • Customize your project steps and processes

  • Implement the user roles on your organization

  • Define who has authorization for what…


Effective project portfolio and resource management for all your projects

  • Plan your projects with all details on a timeline

  • Screen for resources easily based on selected skills

  • Allocate resources for a specific project task with a specific allocation ratio on selected dates.

  • Send projects to management approval and get notified when the projects get approved

  • Manage both your internal and external projects on the same platform

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Keep all your data safe on your network

We implement the solution and its database in your network so that all profile and project information kept safe in your own servers. Therefore, the security of the system and the compliance with the general data protection regulations (GDPR) are fully managed by your IT.