Multi-purpose booking platform


  • Boost your business with a scalable booking site

  • Control the relationship with your customers and your service providers

  • Pay only a fraction of the development and maintenance costs with a subscription model


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From ticket sales to booking appointments

On this platform you can run an online business for selling tickets for entertainment or sports activities, for booking travel activities or booking appointments from doctors, lawyers, beauty specialists, or other service providers.

  • Search functionality
  • Search results with filtering and sorting
  • Listing pages
  • Professional profiles
  • Locations on map
  • Time schedules
  • Booking module
  • Profile transactions

And hotel listings


On this platform you can even run a hotel listing platform or marketplace for booking stays at your partner network.

  • Search results with filtering and sorting
  • Map view
  • Grid view
  • Hotel profiles
  • Availability
  • Booking module
  • Profile transactions



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