What is Proteams?

Proteams is an online marketplace connecting businesses and entrepreneurs together with Europe’s top digital talents to work for their digital projects or remote jobs.

Proteams makes outsourcing safe, and simple for small and medium businesses especially in Europe. Professional members on Proteams network are either boutique development agencies or freelancers in Europe, all selected rigorously based on certain criteria such as high quality, level of experience, specific technical or creative skills, and communication skills.

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How does it work?

On Proteams portal, you can post a project or a remote job and start receiving proposals from top teams and professionals in Europe. Select a team or professional based on their proposals and profiles, and agree on scope and timeline. Subsequently you finalise your deal and engage in the project. You get all the support from Proteams that you need, and can also choose to work with our platform, which carries a lot of tools to help you keeping track of the project or the job, register milestones as well as handling your payments securely through PayPal with us.

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  • What does it cost to post a project or a remote job?

    It is free to post a project or a remote job.

  • What happens when I post a project?

    After you post a project, we analyse it with the information you provided on your posting. If we need additional information we contact you to get some more information in order to understand your project better.

    Posts with incomplete or inaccurate information about the project or the owner are not approved, hence not shown to our members. When we’re able to include our analysis on your project post, we approve the post on the platform. After the approval, all relevant teams and professionals are automatically notified about your project. We make sure that those, which we believe fit best with your project, are notified in this process.

    As they submit their proposals, you’ll get email notifications. You review the proposals and access the profiles in our portal, plus we arrange a video meeting with the freelancers or teams that you consider hiring for your project. This way you get a better understanding of their capabilities and can make the best choice.

  • What happens after I select a team or professional to work on my project?

    Selected teams or professionals will prepare a project plan and present you the details on the platform. The milestones and tasks in the project plan will be split into several parts in order to manage the project more efficiently. You can review this plan and request changes if necessary.

    Project team starts working on the 1st project part after the confirmation that your deposit is received.

  • What happens after I post a remote job?

    After you post your remote job with required information, our members are automatically notified about your project. Posts with incomplete or inaccurate information about the job or the owner, are not approved, hence not shown to our members.

    We make sure that the professionals that fit best to your criteria apply to your job. You get email notifications as you receive new applications and you review the profiles of dedicated professionals. Subsequently, we arrange a call with some of profiles that you consider hiring, so that you get a better understanding of their capabilities and make the best possible decision.


  • How am I legally protected by Proteams?

    All users, both clients and professional members, agree with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy policies and sign them while signing up for Proteams.

    Please review:
    User Agreement at www.proteams.net/terms
    Privacy Agreement at www.proteams.net/privacy

    We advise you to sign also an SLA (service level agreement) with the team or professional for your project in order to include additional conditions and security measures on your commercial relation with them.


  • How am I commercially protected by Proteams? What if I don’t get what I want?

    With our risk-free service policy, the total fee will be split into several parts and collected from you in installments. You only pay when you approve that a project part is completed by the team or professional.

    If you don’t approve that a project part is completed, the project team or professional has to complete or resolve the issues in order to be paid for that project part. If they don’t deliver you what you agreed upon, they don’t get paid. This way you are totally safe.

  • Is it free to use Proteams?

    Yes, it is free to use Proteams for clients. Proteams charges teams and professionals for its lead generation and project support services.


  • How do payments work?

    With our risk-free service policy, the fees are collected in instalments after each project part is completed by the project team and approved by the client. Customers’ fee payments are transferred directly to the team or professional by PayPal, which is our preferred payment system.

    If a project part is not approved by the client, the output will not be delivered and there won’t be any payments to the team or professional until the problem is resolved.

    After the output and IP rights are delivered to the client, there won’t be any repayments. For all details about the payment process, please refer to the general Terms & Conditions.

  • Do you have a secure payment system?

    All payment transfers are handled securely by PayPal as an independent and reliable payment system. All necessary measures are taken by PayPal in order to process your payments, and transfer to teams and professionals with the optimal security.

  • Why do I have to pay a deposit? How much is it? And how can I get it back ?

    Before the project starts, the client has to pay a deposit to Proteams as an incentive and an insurance protection against counterfeit project posts. The deposit amount will be equal to 10% of the project fee agreed upon with the client. Project team starts working for the first project part after the approval by Proteams that the deposit payment by the client is received through the payment processor.

    Deposits will be returned back to you in case the first project part is not satisfactorily completed due to any issues, delays or quality concerns caused by the project team. In any other case of project cancellation due to the client, deposits may be transferred to the project team.


Can any freelancer or agency work on Proteams?

No, we invite only those that we think are eligible to work on Proteams. You must be a highly experienced digital professional, either an agency or a freelancer, with solid references and competitive fees in order to get through our rigorous selection process. Read more: www.proteams.net/teams

Is there a fee to work on Proteams?

There is no fee to become a member of our network. However, we charge 10% service fee on your services on our platform. Therefore we deduct this fee from the amount collected from the client.

Can I apply to work as a single freelancer?

Yes you can. You can also team up with other freelancers for projects on Proteams or for other projects. We encourage you fill out the form completely including your former work in order to showcase your profile in the best possible way to attract customers to work with you.

What type of professionals are you hiring out on Remote Jobs?

Either freelancers or dedicated developers from our agencies that are members of our platform. Therefore we provide a more secure hiring option to companies who don’t want to take too much risk working with independent freelancers.

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid, you should have a PayPal account. After you get the collection on your PayPal account, you can transfer the cash to your corporate or personal bank account linked with your PayPal account.

Note: PayPal is the easiest and cheapest way to collect money throughout Europe. PayPal’s transfer commission ranges between 2,4%-3,4% depending on the transaction size, but it is free to transfer the cash from your PayPal account to your bank account.