About Proteams

Proteams is a marketplace connecting European clients together with top digital professionals in Europe. Members on Proteams network are either boutique development agencies or freelancers, all selected based on certain criteria such as high service quality, experience level, specific technical or creative skills, communication skills, and competitive pricing.

Why should you work with us?

Get risk-free and
high-quality service

Decrease your costs with competitive service fees

Save time working effectively with selected European professionals


  • Proteams provides you only selected professionals

    All our members have a track record of working with top clients and building amazing products. Professionals are selected based on their technical skills and expertise.

  • All member professionals are located in Europe

    No time zone, quality or communication problems working with selected European professionals offering high quality services and competitive fees. You may even get the possibility to have face to face meetings with your professional at critical points.

  • Proteams provides easy-to-use online tools to manage your projects

    On the platform, you can easily manage the process of your project, follow up the project’s status, collaborate with professionals, and handle your payments securely with PayPal.

  • We monitor the process to make sure everything is on track.

    Our project coordinator will support you selecting the right professionals to gather proposals, and reviewing the process carefully until the delivery of final output.


We dream to create Europe’s leading marketplace for digital services, where even small businesses can easily and securely outsource their projects to selected professionals. We hope to bring price transparency to the digital market with highly flexible fees by providing similar hourly fees regardless of company size or location.

We know we have a very challenging job, and we work very hard to create a reliable platform that enables all our users to benefit from outsourcing, to work together easily with simple project management tools and to handle all their payments securely with our payment module via PayPal.

Henrik Brask
Sales & Marketing
Worked with digital marketing and communications for more than 13 years, latest as global head of digital at Novozymes.
Cem Ciftgul
Business & Product development
Worked +10 years in telecom and tech, dealt with multi-billion dollar M&A deals and investments in B2B startups. Holds an M.Sc. in Int. Business from CBS.
Matt Trustrum
Head of Australia
Matt is an innovation geek, who bootstrapped, built & sold (’12) a profitable, multi-mill$, BRW Fast 100 tech talent company operating across APAC.

Bella Li
Content marketing
Bella devotes her time to editing interesting and useful content for our users, and blog visitors. She aspires to create a digital community who solve problems, and help one another through the Proteams platform.
David Oster
Marketing - German region
David is one of the marketing pros in the team. As a German located in Denmark, he is excited to connect with German speaking users, and chat more about our services; but he is secretly a tiny bit more excited about his vacation in Spain!
Tadija Lazarevic
In charge of front-end and back-end development, working with AngularJS and NodeJS

Gustav Jandrup
Growth hacker
Gustav is our Growth Hacker who yearns to help fulfill the needs of Proteams’ users. He is very much keen on applying marketing theories to practice. Interesting fact about Gustav: he used to go to a Waldorf school and learnt about eurythmics.
Jaro Mystek
Sales & Marketing
With a background in marketing management, Jaro tries apply his knowledge to connecting with new clients from the Nordics. But before Jaro uncovered his interest in marketing, he dreamt of being a Formula 1 racer!


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